About Us

Welcome to Wertz Werkz Manufacturing.  Our company is the result of our combined interests in family- and community-friendly entertainment, our skills in manufacturing and business, and our desire to be involved in creating new and better products to provide fun for all ages at any occasion.

While designing and manufacturing custom cabinetry over the past 25 years, our young family grew and we became involved in various activities where we found opportunities to apply our creativity and skills. We began to design and donate new games to be used at our children’s school carnivals. We got involved in activities for specific groups, including children with special needs, learning how to adapt our designs for accessibility while maintaining the fun and challenge of playing. We expanded the idea of playing games just for fun to also include team-building activities, along with an inventive way to create balance and coordination strengthening for senior citizens. We strive continuously to design and manufacture new products to meet the needs of others. Let us know what you see that you like as you browse our site, and let us know if you don’t see what you are looking for.  We thrive on new ideas that keep our minds and machines humming!